1. Reference manual

1.1. Main libraries

  1. combinat: Combinatorics

  2. Dom: Domains

  3. Cat: Categories

  4. IPC: Library for Inter Process Communications

  5. operators: Operators

  6. output: Formatted Output

  7. polylib: Polynomials library

  8. Prog: Programmer toolbox

1.2. Examples of use of MuPAD-Combinat

Several examples of use, such as some predefined combinatorial algebras (symmetric functions, free quasi symmetric functions, the Loday-Ronco algebra), are provided in examples. You can also browse through the experimental stuff but this is at your own risk.

  1. examples -- Examples (package Combinat)

  2. experimental -- Experimental examples (package Combinat)

1.3. The (mostly deprecated) mu-EC library

The following libraries are imported verbatim from the former mu-EC package. They are provided as-is, to ensure backward compatibility for former users of mu-EC, but are not maintained any-more. Most of the functionnalities are available in the main MuPAD-Combinat libraries, with a better and more systematic design. We urge the users to use them instead whenever possible (for example, please use combinat::partitions::list instead of muEC::PART::ListPart).

  1. muEC::TYP -- mu-EC library for type checking (package Combinat, deprecated)

  2. muEC::PART -- mu-EC library for partitions (package Combinat, deprecated)

  3. muEC::COMP -- mu-EC library for compositions (package Combinat, deprecated)

  4. muEC::SG -- mu-EC library for the symmetric group (package Combinat, deprecated)

  5. muEC::SYMF -- mu-EC library for symmetric functions (package Combinat, deprecated)

  6. muEC::SFA -- mu-EC library for symmetric functions on alphabets (package Combinat)

  7. muEC::SP -- mu-EC library for Schubert polynomials (package Combinat, deprecated)