experimental – Experimental examples (package Combinat)

experimental::CQSym – Hopf Algebra indexed by non decreasing parking functions

experimental::FreeOperad – domain for the free operad

experimental::HeckeSymmetricGroupAlgebra – Tools to study the Hecke-Symmetric Group Algebra

experimental::KostkaPolynomials – Computation of the Kostka Polynomials

experimental::LandoHopfAlgebra – S. Lando's Hopf Algebra

experimental::QSymSym – Exploration of Qsym as a Sym-module

experimental::RQuasiSymmetricFunctions – The domain of R-quasi symmetric functions

experimental::Schur – library for schur and multischur functions

experimental::Steenrod – Tools for the exploration of the Steenrod algebra

experimental::StrongGeneratingSet – A domain for strong generating sets for permutation groups

experimental::YangBaxterGraph – domain for Yang-Baxter graphs

experimental::RestrictedLeftAModule – Restricted left modules over an algebra

experimental::kShapesPoset – poset structure on kShape

experimental::qLusztigAnalogues – Computation of the Lusztig q-analogues