muEC::COMP – mu-EC library for compositions (package Combinat, deprecated)

The muEC::COMP library provides functions to work with compositions, that is lists of positive integers. When not specified, integers of a composition are supposed to be strictly positive.

Available functions deal with comparisons, major indexes, conjugates, and lists of compositions.

1. Help files

muEC::COMP::CompCompo – compares two compositions

muEC::COMP::Compo2Mat – a planar representation of a composition

muEC::COMP::Compo2MajorIndex – major index of a composition

muEC::COMP::ListCompoFatter – all compositions fatter than a given one

muEC::COMP::Compo2Conjugate – conjugates a composition

muEC::COMP::ListCompo – list of compositions of a given weight

muEC::COMP::ListCompoFiner – all compositions finer than a given one