Dom – Domains (package Combinat)

Dom::BlockDiagonalMatrixAlgebra – Algebras of block diagonal matrices

Dom::BooleanSemiRing – boolean semi-ring

Dom::DihedralGroupVariant – Dihedral groups (variant)

Dom::DirectSumOfFreeModules – direct sums of free modules

Dom::DualOfFreeCommutativeGroup – Dual groups of free commutative groups

Dom::ExpressionFieldWithDegreeOneElements – Domain of expressions with degree one elements

Dom::ExteriorAlgebra – The exterior algebra of a free module

Dom::FreeCommutativeGroup – (finite) free commutative groups

Dom::FreeModule – free modules

Dom::GroupAlgebraTwistedByCommutativeSubgroup – The Hopf algebra of a group, twisted w.r.t. a commutative subgroup

Dom::MaxMinSemiRing – MaxMin semi-ring

Dom::MaxPlusSemiRing – MaxPlus semi-ring

Dom::MinPlusSemiRing – MinPlus semi-ring

Dom::MinMaxSemiRing – MinMax semiring

Dom::PermutationGroup – permutation group

Dom::PermutationGroupInvariantRing – the invariant ring of a permutation group

Dom::QuotientFreeModule – domain for a quotient free module of a free module

Dom::SemiRing – constructor of semirings

Dom::SparseMatrix_LinBox – Interface to the sparse matrix C++ library LinBox

Dom::SubFreeModule – domain for a sub free module of a free module

Dom::SymmetricAlgebra – The symmetric algebra of a free module

Dom::SymmetricGroup – symmetric groups

Dom::TensorAlgebra – the tensor algebra of a free module

Dom::TensorProductOfFreeModules – The domain of Tensor Product of Free Modules

Dom::WeightedAutomaton – set of weighted automata

Dom::RationalExpression – set of rational expressions with multiplicities

Dom::WeylGroup – Weyl groups