muEC::PART – mu-EC library for partitions (package Combinat, deprecated)

The muEC::PART library provides functions to work with partitions, that is decreasing lists of strictly positive, integers.

Available functions deal with border, conjugate, diagonals, Frobenius notation, hooks, etc. of a partition, and also with lists of (skew) partitions.

1. Help files

muEC::PART::Border2Part – partition associated to a given border

muEC::PART::CompPart – compares two partitions

muEC::PART::Diagonal2Part – partition from a list of diagonals

muEC::PART::Exp2Part – partition from its exponential notation

muEC::PART::Frob2Part – from Frobenius notation to standard notation for partitions

muEC::PART::ListPartIn – list of partitions contained into a given partition or between two given partitions.

muEC::PART::ListPart – list of partitions of a given weight

muEC::PART::ListSkewDiag – list of skew diagrams

muEC::PART::PCore2Part – a partition from its p-core and p-quotient

muEC::PART::Part2Border – border of a given partition

muEC::PART::Part2Conjugate – conjugates a partition

muEC::PART::Part2Diagonal – diagonals of partitions

muEC::PART::Part2Exp – multiplicities of parts in partitions

muEC::PART::Part2Frob – Frobenius notation of a partition

muEC::PART::Part2ListHook – hook lengths of partitions

muEC::PART::Part2Mat – a planar representation of a given partition

muEC::PART::Part2PCore – p-core and p-quotient of a partition

muEC::PART::PartOrderMat – order matrix on partitions

muEC::PART::SkewPart2Mat – a planar representation of a skew partition

muEC::PART::SplitPart – splits a partition into several ones