muEC::SYMF – mu-EC library for symmetric functions (package Combinat, deprecated)

The muEC::SYMF library provides functions to work with symmetric functions.

All defined bases are stored in the global variable muEC::SYMF::SYMFBases that is by default [e, h, p, m, s].

1. Help files

muEC::SYMF::Char2Sf – converts a virtual character into a symmetric function

muEC::SYMF::KostkaNumber – computes the Kostka number

muEC::SYMF::KostkaTable – computes the list of tableaux of a given shape and a given content

muEC::SYMF::Sf2Char – converts a symmetric function into a virtual character

muEC::SYMF::Sf2Table – converts a symmetric function into a table

muEC::SYMF::Sf2TableVar – set of variables of a symmetric function

muEC::SYMF::SfCCProd – computes the conjugacy class product of symmetric functions

muEC::SYMF::SfCollect – collects products that are on algebraic bases (e, h, p) and expands products on linear bases (m, s)

muEC::SYMF::SfDiff – differential operator

muEC::SYMF::SfInternal – computes the inner tensor product of symmetric functions

muEC::SYMF::SfEval – action of symmetric functions on polynomials

muEC::SYMF::SfJtMat – Jacobi-Trudi matrix

muEC::SYMF::SfMat – transition matrix between symmetric functions bases

muEC::SYMF::SfOmega – the Omega-automorphism

muEC::SYMF::SfPlethysm – plethysm of symmetric functions

muEC::SYMF::SfScalar – scalar product of symmetric functions

muEC::SYMF::SfTheta – the Theta-automorphism

muEC::SYMF::SfZee – computes the scalar product of a p-function with itself

muEC::SYMF::Table2Sf – converts a table into a symmetric function

muEC::SYMF::Toe – conversion into e-polynomial

muEC::SYMF::Toh – conversion into h-polynomial

muEC::SYMF::Tom – conversion into m-polynomial

muEC::SYMF::Top – conversion into p-polynomial

muEC::SYMF::Tos – conversion into h-polynomial