examples – Examples (package Combinat)

1. Help files

examples::AssocOperad – A domain for the Associative Operad

Examples::DuplicialOperad – A domain for the duplicial operad

Examples::NonAssociativePermutativeOperad – A domain for the NonAssociativePermutativeOperad

examples::OverUnderOperad – the OverUnder operad

examples::ZinbielOperad – The Zinbiel operad

examples::DendriformOperad – The dendriform operad

examples::GraphQuasiSymmetricFunctions – The domain of graph quasi symmetric functions

examples::InternalProductAlgebra – Shared tools for internal product

examples::MultivariatePolynomials – Multivariate polynomials on several basis

examples::PreLieOperad – The pre-Lie operad

examples::QuasiSymmetricFunctions – quasi symmetric functions

examples::SubsetsSpace – Example d'utilisation de 'ModuleWithSeveralBases'

examples::SymmetricPolynomials – Symmetric polynomials on a finite alphabet

examples::SymmetricFunctions – symmetric functions

examples::QuiverWithRelationsAlgebra – The algebra of the paths of a quiver modulo relations

examples::WordQuasiSymmetricFunctions – The Hopf algebra of Word Quasi-Symmetric Functions

examples::WordQuasiSymmetricFunctionsDual – The dual of the Hopf algebra of Word Quasi-Symmetric Functions

examples::WordSymmetricFunctions – The Hopf algebra of Word Symmetric Functions

examples::WordSymmetricFunctionsDual – The dual of Hopf algebra of Word Symmetric Functions

examples::Thompson – set of Thompson automata

examples::FreeThompson – set of Thompson automata without epsilon-transitions