Discussion board for the specifications of the domain subClass.

Some time ago we started to use a library called combinat::subClass. The goal is, from a combinatorial class to get a smaller classes without writting a new domain. This is a kind of functor of combinatorial classes. Buit there are some issue:

Assume that one wants to define a combinatorial class B as a subclass of an existing combinatorial class A (for example via combinat::subClass).

  1. Should B inherit from A?
  2. Should B inherit from the categories/axioms of A?
  3. Should the elements of B be typed differently than those of A?
  4. Should B be a facade domain?

The current concensus is no, no, no, yes. The problem is now to support "modular" programming!

Proposal of interface

I propose the following interface:

combinat::subClass(class, optional parameters);

the optional parameters are the following:

Examples of use

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