1. MuPAD-Combinat facts

MuPAD-Combinat consists of about 70000 lines of code in high level language, 15000 lines of C++ (plus 80000 lines of C imported from Symmetrica), 17000 lines of tests, 575 pages of documentation (including 150 pages from ). The developing team includes 3 core developers (F. Hivert, M. N. Thiéry, as well as T. Gomez-Diaz, ingénieure de recherche (IGM)), together with 13 developers and contributers, plus the many authors of the software that were integrated. Over the last year, 1300 messages were sent on the mailing-lists, 300 of which coming from the MuPAD developers;    there were 8000 page views on the web site and 450 downloads.

The package is distributed in source code under the LGPL open-source license; some precompiled binaries are provided and the latest developer version is available by anonymous CVS. It has been reported to work, at least in the main lines, on all the operating systems for which MuPAD is available (Linux and other major UNIXes, Windows, MacOS X). We refer to the web page mupad-combinat.sf.net for precise requirements, download instructions, CVS access, mailing lists, bugzilla report forms, and so on.

Most of the code derives from successful computer exploration while doing research on the following topics: