MuPAD-Combinat first Developers and Users Meeting

Tuesday June 29th 2004 - Friday July 2nd 2004


Meeting goal

The goal of this meeting is to foster exchanges in our little but

quickly growing community, and in particular
  • help our new users get started (tutorial),
  • share experience, in particular with our new developers
  • have informal discussions, design, and coding on specific themes,
  • code, code, code, design, design, design, code, code, code,


Other topics
  • Demonstrations:

    • ...
  • Sparse linear algebra, linbox, ...
  • Invariant theory, and in particular invariant rings of permutation groups
  • Future prospects for MuPAD-Combinat
  • Getting help on designing and writing ones programs:

    • Designing new domains
    • Code reviews
    • Writing tests and doc
  • Cleanup of makeLinear and similar + change of coeffRing
  • Elimination techniques in combinatorial (Hopf) algebras and modules (Groebner, SAGBI, SAGBI-Groebner bases)
  • Inventing or designing new structures and/or improving existing computation methods; extending classes of functions that can be handled (as already are

holonomic series for ex.) by CAS.

Final list of participants


To register, please send a short email (Eric.Laugerotte at; nthiery at with the following information, and edit this page to your liking.

Can you get funding (from your lab, ...) for coming (travel):

(Potential) funding sources

Computers & similar material